Just the basics…maybe not as basic as I thought

I’ve started MANY blogs over the span of at least 11 years (please don’t try to find my xanga or myspace it’s bad enough that I truly had no idea what I was doing, or how permanent the internet was at that time). I’ve done tumblr both professionally and personally, I’ve got a group blog with my college roommates. My point is, I won’t pretend and promise that I’ll update this all the time or I’ll continue to spill my guts via the interwebs, but I hope you’ll stick with me while I’m here and share with me while you’re here. So, for those of you who are meeting me for the first time:

Name: Ashley

Former: Temple University Fox School of Business and Management, Student, Student Ambassasdor, Student Organization Leader, Student Worker

Current: Job seeker in the media and entertainment industries (ie. TV, Music, Movies etc.) I’ve always been enamored with the behind the scenes of these industries and how what’s produced affects consumers, I’m still trying to find my spot and launch a career I can be passionate about and thrive on.

Possible: Future law student (the jury’s still out on that, in addition to my obsession with entertainment, I’ve wanted to advocate for people; fitting that lawyer is ‘avocat’ in French; and I’ve noticed that I’m far better at really listening to people than others. Quite frankly taking on another 3 or more years of school terrifies me at this moment, and I want to be sure I want to be a lawyer before I pay to become one. People keep reminding me that time is on my side given that I went straight through 16 years of school, but I find that having time actually makes it harder. I am indeed one of those people who hate not knowing what’s coming next.

Randoms: I am obsessed with real estate (Thanks to HGTV I am 90% sure I want my license), fashion (especially nail polish, jewelry, bags, and shoes), social media (yes, you are reading the words of a 140 characters or less junkie), R&B and Jazz (preference only: I’ll take Quiet Storm over pretty much anything else), and finally I was once determined to spend my life on stage (former singer/actress/dancer here)

Well, here I am in all my confused 20-something glory

More to come,



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