The Best Man Holiday

I get excited about a good number of things, free food, cute accessories, certain seasons…but my level of of excitement for the sequel to the 1999 movie ‘The Best Man‘ is over the top! To say that the original movie is my favorite is an understatement. I own the DVD and am certain I know all the lines.

The original features an all-star cast who’ve gotten together for the sequel (it’s rare to have the whole cast return) and it’s been 14 years! The best thing about this film is that it’s got the backing of a major studio and the cast is predominantly black! Nothing excites me more than seeing people of color in varying roles instead of the same stereotypes and minor roles. It looks like we’re in for some good surprises with the new movie. I’m using the trailer to hold me over until November 15th, 2013 when the movie premiers. I’ll definitely be blogging about it as soon as I see it!



<——Then! via

Now! via ——->

Are there any movies you’re excited to see?



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