So about last night’s VMAs…

I know I’m not the only one who will be addressing this awards show, but I’m certainly ready to express my opinion! So here are 7 things about the VMAs that I felt needed to be addressed.

  1. Miley Cyrus’ little show hurt my eyes, because one it was the trashiest thing I’ve seen from a former Disney star in a while, and two the actual performance (singing of the songs) wasn’t any good. Maybe a little less basically naked ‘twerking’ and a little more voice lessons.
  2. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE blew my mind! That 15 minutes of performance (Complete with NSYNC reunion) made up for the other bits. Aside from the fact that JT is the ultimate performer, 9 year old me would’ve never imagined a world without NSYNC, but current me definitely missed their pop-y goodness.
  3. I find it interesting how the scene of the music industry has changed, Kanye West gave a performance many are comparing to the opening scene of Living Single. Beyoncé had one nomination, and didn’t win, when just two years ago she was announcing Baby girl Blue’s coming arrival and tearing up the stage with a performance of Love on Top. Now it’s all about One Direction (winning song of the summer, last I checked ‘Blurred Lines’ has been playing insufferably this summer) and Macklemore.
  4. Yes Bruno Mars, YES.
  5. Dear Taylor Swift, we are tired of you. We know you’ve had your heart broken about 10.5 million times by now, and we see that it’s profitable to make singles singing about it. It’s not cute to go up on stage to accept your Moonman, and do an in person subtweet to your ex because your relationship didn’t work out. You aren’t supposed to be behaving like you’re still in middle school when you’re 23 years old, it’s silly, and just about as insufferable as the whole MC-twerk on a married man-a-thon. You are actually grown, now it’s time to handle a break-up like that too. Sincerely, Everyone over the age of 12
  6. The picture floating around of Will Smith and Family ‘reacting to Miley’s performance’ isn’t really what happened. Read more about that here.
  7. This is an example of ‘When I was your age’ the VMAs looked like this. Although the people that are 9 and 10 now have no business watching what aired last night.

What did you think about last night’s performance? Are there any highlights from last night’s show that you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below.



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